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About SpotaGuest:

Spotaguest is a FREE site that helps Podcasters find guests & Wanna be Guests find Podcasters.

Why You Should Join:

Finding guests for your Podcast show is both tough and time consuming. I've made it super easy. Simply post what you're looking for on the site & get the weekly targeted email. When you see someone that is a good fit for you, you can then chat to them directly on the site. Join 2500+ members & growing daily.

Why Did I start Spotaguest?

I love being a guest on Podcasts. Over the years I've done bucket loads of being a guest, but it was a real time hassle to find hosts looking for guests. I solved my own problem. I wanted a free, simple and easy way for Podcasters to find guests & wanna be guests to find Podcasters. 

Your Next Steps after Joining:

Spotaguest is super simple. Firstly, add a profile, photo, bio, location & specialty so that you can get found by other members. Few will take you seriously without those things. Next, Post, You're a Podcast host & looking for guests or You're a guest looking for Podcasts to appear on. 

You'll also be invited to join the weekly laser targeted email list which has targeted advice, info & answers specific questions taliored to your situation. 

After that.. spend a few mins, scrolling through the "Hosts looking for guests" or "I wanna be a Guest" topic categories which has tons of great members in there & it changes daily as new members join. Find someone suitable, message them directly and have a chat. 

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